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Backpack Project

Borislow, Sarah, Michelle, Shana w Yesenia, kids, waving For Summer/Fall 2016

Our backpack drive is an excellent opportunity for your corporate or service group to help low-income children start the school year off right.  It’s easy and fun, and provides essential tools for school success!

This program serves over 300 school-age children between the ages of 6 and 15 in the Lawrence and Haverhill communities.  Most are from low-income families, where the cost of backpacks and school supplies is truly a hardship.  That’s why we provide a backpack filled with school supplies each fall.

Below are the site locations and the number of back packs needed for that location:
Note:  The gender split at each site is roughly 50/50.

YWCA’s After School Program        location: Lawrence, age range: co-ed, 5 – 13, # needed: 50

YWCA Early Learning Center          location: Lawrence, age range: co-ed, 3 – 5, # needed: 25

YWCA Girls’ Center                           location Lawrence, age range: girls 5 – 13, # needed: 35

Boy and Girl w packs, vertical, goodYWCA Fina House                             location: Lawrence, age range: co-ed, 6 – 16, # needed: 12

YWCA Enrichment Center               location: Lawrence, age range: co-ed 6 – 13, # needed: 70

YWCA Haverhill                                 location: Haverhill, age range: co-ed, 5 – 13, # needed: 45


What to Do:

1.  From the above list, decide which program or programs  for which your group can secure backpacks.

2. Between June and mid-August, you and your group should collect new backpacks for boys and girls age 6 – 16.  Please provide a variety of styles, so that children and staff can tell them apart!!  This means that backpacks that are the same color and/or design are undesired.  Instead, a variety of styles/colors should be secured!

TMC, Melanie, Eden and Calib, Aug 20153.   Fill each with:

One ruler
1 small pack of #2 Pencils
3, 1-subject Spiral notebooks
3 Double-pocket folders [any color]
1 small pack Pens
1 small pack of #2 Pencils
Colored Markers
Colored pencils
Pencil Case
Glue Stick

Note:  You may also put in any item[s] of your choice, though the above is what we consider the basic kit.
The split between boys and girls is roughly 50/50 at each site location.

4.   Call or email to schedule your drop off.  All drop offs are at the YWCA in Lawrence – see the date range below:

 From Borislow, Aug 2012DROP OFF DATES for 2016

You must call first to arrange a drop off so that we can pro-act and have staff available to help with the unloading!!  We offer a date range, though will work with you to set up a specific day/time during this range for your group – and we’d like to take a photo, too!  Please note that if you do not call and just drop off, you should be prepared to do the unloading, and no photos will be taken.

Wednesday, August 3rd, and
Wednesday, August 10th

When you call or email to schedule, drop offs are accepted between 9am and 3pm, but do email ahead of time to ensure assistance [email address below].

YWCA of Greater Lawrence
38 Lawrence Street
Lawrence, MA  01840

Questions or to Set Up Your Drop Off Day/Time,
Contact Susan McNeff

Nuance, Dianne with kids, unloadingPlease feel free to let Susan know upfront how many backpacks your group can provide and for which programs [above].  If for some reason you need to cancel the project, please let her know ASAP as the closer we get to deadline, the more challenging it is to find sources for backpacks.

Thank you for your help in this important project!